Terms of service

  • Your pets health

    • You must inform the groomer of any existing medical conditions your dog may have.
    • If your pet appears unwell ot the time of the appointment, they will not be accepted for grooming due to the risk of cross infection to other pets
    • We will not groom any dog that has had anaesthetic within the last 48 hours or has received a surgicol procedure which requires stitches. The dog must be fully healed and recovered before a grooming appointment can take place.
    • We will not groom any dog that has been microchipped within the last 24 hours.
    • We recommend puppies wait at least 1 week after their 2nd vaccination before attending puppy groom.
    • Bitches that are in whelp or nursing puppies will not be accepted for a groom.
    • If your pet is found to hove fleas, we will charge a fee of E15 in addition to the cost of the groom, where your pet may be bathed in o flea shampoo and the salon disinfected/fumigated.
    • Any pets that are deemed at the discretion of the grooming team to be in need of immediate veterinary attention will receive this and you agree that you will be liable for any resulting additional costs.

    Matted dogs
    • We will endeavour to groom your pet to your requirements, however if your pet’s coat is excessively matted, the matted coat will be clipped (shaved) out.
    Depending on the severity of the matted coat, which will be discussed during your pet’s consultation, there may be an additional charge in addition to the grooming price, as groomers, our primary concern is to relieve any distress or discomfort your pet may be experiencing as a result of their severely or excessively matted coat.

    • We require 48hours notice (72 hours if 3 or more dogs on one appointment) for appointment cancellations.
    • Alexa groom my dog may require a non refundable deposit at our discretion to secure your booking. This must be paid either in the salon by cash, card/contactless or by bank transfer.
    • Please ensure you take all precautions not to miss your appointment.
    • Lote concellations in less than 48 hours will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the missed appointment cost or a £20 fee (whichever is greatest), which will need to be paid in full before further appointments con be booked.
    • Missed appointments with no communication prior to the appointment time will incur a 100% fee of the expected grooming cost, which will need to be paid in full before further appointments can be booked.
    • If you arrive late for your appointment you may be asked to reschedule and the late cancellation fee will also apply.
    • If you consistently miss appointments, refuse to pay the cancellation fee, or arrive late on a number of occasions, we may refuse to book any further appointments and will remove you from our records.
    • If 3 or more dogs are to be groomed by one customer you are required to pay a 50% deposit to secure your appointment when booking. The deposit secures against any missed or cancelled appointments and will not be refunded unless you give over 72 hours’ notice of cancellation of your booking as per our
    “Missed appointments policy”
    • Any pet not collected within 20 minutes of the agreed collection time will incur an additional charge of E5 for every 20 minutes they are in holding after the collection time stated on the grooming contract.
    • Please ensure that your pet has been given the opportunity to be relieved before they enter the grooming salon. This will ensure that they get the maximum enjoyment out of their groom.
    • Please do not feed your pet within 30 minutes prior to their appointment but please ensure your pet is well hydrated.
    • Whilst every care is taken of the pets being groomed, any pet left within Alexa flgroom my dog is left entirely at the owner’s risk.
    • Alexa, groom my dog has the right to refuse to groom any pet without reason.
    • Alexa, groom my dog has the right to refuse any customer without reason.
    • Alexa, groom my dog has the right to cancel a groom if it would affect the pet’s welfare to continue or there is a risk of injury to the grooming team
    • Alexa, groom my dog will not be held responsible for any loss of personal items during the appointment.
    • We will not groom any dog that must be registered under the Dangerous Dogs
    Act 1991, the Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act 1997 or any further amendments to this Act.
    • Any dogs that are aggressive towards a member of the grooming team or another pet may need to be muzzled. It is the owner’s responsibility to inform the groomer if they do not wish their pet to be muzzled. Refusal will result in the groom not taking place.
    • Whilst we toke every reasonable precaution to prevent it, we will not accept any responsibility for any loss, injury, death or illness suffered by your pet whilst in our care, except to the extent that we are unable to limit or extend our liability.

    Social media
    • Your dog may be photographed before, during and after its groom.
    Photographs may be used on social media or other printed materials.

    After groom
    •If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your pet’s groom please let us know within 3 days (preferably, before you leave). Reasonable requests to alter the trim will be dealt with immediately or changes noted for the next groom.
    • Please don’t leave negative feedback anywhere without contacting us first, I take great pride in my service and want my clients to feel the some
    • Client dot will be treated in accordance to the data protection principles of the Data Protection Act and will not be shared with 3rd parties.
    Alexa, groom my dog has the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice